This site is best viewed with Mozilla Firefox. The oldest browser that can view the site passably is Internet Explorer 5 on Windows 98. However, if you really wanna view the site properly on your old Windows versions, I'd recommend Retrozilla as it's just a modified version of a 2008 copy of Firefox. On there, gradients won't work and there's a few issues but the site should otherwise be viewable just fine. The site should work almost perfectly on Pale Moon or Waterfox, although I haven't tested either of those yet. If you're a suckup to Google and you wanna use Chrome, you can, although WebKit renders this site slightly differently so don't be surprised if certain things don't look as intended. Here's a list of recommended browsers to view the site:
  • Mozilla Firefox

  • K-Meleon

  • Pale Moon/MyPal

  • Retrozilla

  • Waterfox

  • Chrome (eugh!)

  • Edge (even worse!)

  • Opera (the worst of them all!)

  • OperaGX (..don't ever view my site with this piece of shit)

  • Brave Browser (actually a decent browser, would
    probably be my go-to if I was forced to use Chrome)

  • Internet Explorer 5 (..why?)