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NEWS - 12/14/2022:
Welcome to the new site!

3dmm.ca is now actually .ca-ish! This new site redesign is more rugged and is much more visually pleasing.

This new theme is very Canadian and will hopefully hold up under the scrutinous burden of old browsers.
The site is also now on a new host! A kind 3DMMer (I can't name them, for fear of LT Films going and bugging them) has given me some server space on his webhost.

There are now revamped and completed mods, reviews, links, and submission sections. I've added many new sections of the site as well. I hope you enjoy all the work that went into this.

Some pages, like the awards, tutorials, and "my movies" section are currently incomplete. I've postponed their completion until the site is released, just so there are no further holdbacks.
In lieu of the Holiday season, the site will be getting a Christmas theme.

And, well, that's about it.

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