Review: Augustin Burger Competition by VariousReviewer
This movie fell into the categories of movies that were released right after the contest. Every movie
submitted was either right after the contest started, or right before the deadline. This movie was pretty
meh, the story was simple and the animation wasn't particularly impressive. As far as I can tell, the story
is influenced by space type movies, sort of. It has a space theme, but really does nothing to utilize the
theme besides the settings the characters are in. The movie didn't have any structure or build up, and had
some bad pacing. However, there were some impressive shots here and there, and this movie overall was
pretty alright, but had nothing to write home about and could've helped to be more original.

Animation = 2.5/5
Story = 2/5
Originality = 2/5

Total = 6.5

"Augustin Burger Mania"
Well, an entry from the person who suggested this competition. Honestly, this felt similar to how Patryk's
entry was, with a story pretty synonymous to Patryk's entry. The animation was pretty meh, and was pretty
choppy at times. The story is simple with a hero/villain story with Bo stealing Augustin's recipe and Bo
later being brought to justice, although I was expecting for it to be a sort of heist movie, with Bo
sneaking into the resturuant, but instead he just barges in. The flick was pretty cliche and doesn't
subvert your expectations at any point in the film, and overall the movie was pretty alright.

Animation = 2/5
Story = 2.5/5
Originality = 2/5

Total = 6.5/15

"Augustin Burger Vs KFC"
The story starts off with a KFC employee direspectfully dissing Augustin about his resturaunt! To be
honest, the character dialogue could help to be more realistic in the movie. The story is about conflict
between the resturaunts, with them fighting to the death and KFC exploding at the end. The animation wasn't
great in the movie, but during the building scene, I'll have to give bagelman credit and say that the sky
looked great in that shot. The story was decent, and the movie wasn't super original, but I do like the
KFC inclusion, as it makes sense in the story, and adds a bit of uniqueness to it. I also liked the part
where the KFC employees go into the resturaunt chanting "Justice for KFC!". Overall, it's alright.

Animation = 2/5
Story = 2/5
Originality = 1.5/5

Total = 5.5/15

"Augustin Burger: A Great Fighter"
The animation was really really good with
nice smooth animation in the flick, as well as nice scenery overall. I did notice some animation mistakes, however. The movie is very weird, and has
augustin butt naked for no particular reason but its pretty funny. The story was very original with how
everything plays out, and was the most unique entry I've seen so far.

Animation = 5/5
Story = 4/5
Originality = 4/5

Total = 13/15

"Lawrence of Augustin Burger"
Now, I'm kind of mixed on how I feel about this film. I believe it's great, however, there wasn't much of a plot going on with this flick. I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed by this entry. It was rather on the short side, with the plot being that Augustin drives his bike and crashes it. The animation however, very much surprised me. It seems that if Old Rivers just had more time, he could've made a better movie. This seems more like a last minute effort at a movie, which I have been guilty of myself when we were all doing the Plop Comp. It is pretty original though.

Animation = 4/5
Story = 2/5
Originality = 2/5

Total = 8 / 15
"The Downfall of Augustin Burger"
This movie was pretty nice to watch, with some impressive shots in it! The plot goes that Augustin starts off buying things, until he eventually gets killed. The animation was pretty nice, with nice visuals to keep everything going. The movie was original and had nice music playing in the background, however, it wasn't particularly smooth with the animation, and could come off as choppy at times. The story was simple and didn't have all too much going on in it, but also since I'm pety and pissed about my old movies "story" score, I'm gonna return the favor.

Animation: 4/5
Story = 3.5/5
Originality = 4/5

Total = 11.5

"Burger Chase"
This is my favorite entry. Although it not having the best animation of the bunch, it was a great long film with great story and animation. This film was also gross! Nixon needs to learn his manners! The film's animation shows a great deal of improvement from his last movie "Cat Bones" and it honestly reminds me of Cat Bones with the voices and the ending credits. The film was also contained good humor, and made me laugh while watching it! The film was just long enough for you to get immersed in the whole story, and was just a great film standing on its own. The film was really original with how it plays out, and subverted my expectations in the film. Nixon was right when he said that we would be eating our words after watching Burger Chase, and next time he says "rotten dog sniffing arse", I'm going to take him more seriously. Great job, dude!

Animation = 4.5/5
Story = 5/5
Originality = 5/5

Total = 14.5

Critic Score = 82.3

Personal Score = 90