Review: Car Chase Competition by VariousReviewer
Time for a proper review of this, with reviews for each and every entry. From worst to best


Introduction: This is a person on the discord who has gathered some amount of hate for inviting his friends to defend him which know nothing about 3DMM. He is also known for pushing out mods and was just about to make one with blender, but left the community before that could happen. Also, they credited the wrong person below the name of the movie in the thread.

A gorrila with 3/4ths of his limbs cut off that's high on ketamine and constantly shoots piss everywhere could make better 3DMM animation.

Originality: A squirrel with a paintbrush shoved up its ass can be more creative.

Action: Cured my insomnia

Final Comment: "Don't join a competition 30 minutes after you install the software"


Introduction: A mostly hated person on 3DMM, due to his constant raiding of the server and doing other disgusting stuff. He made a movie that was better than sbspfan's movie. I do recall hearing that there were some things stolen in this movie, which is known of patryk to do, but that may be my shit memory.

Animation: You know dustin guest, that amazing movie maker? Now imagine if he had 95% of his brain chewed up by a brain eating tapeworm that was lodged into his ear. Now imagine if his brain randomly thought to make a movie. You would get this.

Originality: Just using default characters.

Action: I mean a little bit but there are scenes where it just shows the character face.

Final comment: "Stop showing faces for too long"

Pizza Yes

Introduction: I've got no idea who this person is, they just randomly popped into existence and I just have to accept that fact.

Animation: Meh it's alright

Originality: To be completely honest, I had no fucking idea what was going on. But I guess it's original?

Action: Solid action, but some down time at the end that I could not understand.

Final comment: "Did you dig your mic out of the dumpster? Get a better one, fool."


Introduction: Toonsville has decided to participate in yet another contest. The animation is pretty good, uses old techniques and characters from franchises but has a reason to, as he made the mods. I screamed when kate ashby, my hero, showed up on screen. Just kidding, I didn't. I want to stab that bitch in her sleep.

Animation: Pretty solid, in contrast to the otherwise bad movies made with the characters.

Originality: Normally I would take points away for using characters from franchises but since Toonsville made it, I'll let it slide. Original setting for sure.

Action: Pretty solid action.

Final comment: "Please get bongo to lose some weight, I hate to look at his man titties."


Introduction: Seen as a rather controversial 3dmmer, he has outdone himself this time. There isn't any dialouge, and while that isn't always needed, it could use some.

Animation: Sometimes doesn't give the illusion of movement, but has pretty good constructed scenes.

Originality: Pretty original, especially with the opening cutscene, pretty good. Like the larry craig refrence.

Action: A lot of it was action, so that's some solid aciton.

Final comment: "Stop making your characters so shy. They need to stand up for themselves."

Old Rivers

Introduction: Known as "The greenville guy" and more personally as "the guy who can visit my state at any minute" made a movie that was predicted to win first place. And while I recall him denying how great it was, ended up in first place. Rather than making a movie about a car chase, he makes a movie about a car chase. A car named chase. And while the movie was a more dirty cars movie that goes against what the competition was about, it was still a great movie.

Animation: Good-ass quality animation.

Originality: Really original

Action: None at all, but that doesn't matter. It's still a great movie.

Final comment: "Maybe make the background a texture that moves rather than one of the default ones, but that's just a small nitpick to an otherwise great movie."

Overall: Pretty good competition, but some bad people in the lineup, hoping for better in the Sci-Fi competition.