Review: Abortion by SantiagoReviewer
I don't think Andres' comment about the plot being bad should be disregarded, I think plots should hold significance to the experience, depending on how important it is. This film obviously was trying to be emotional, which requires good, believable dialogue and thus a good plot. Since the film failed in that department, the creator failed in creating what they envisioned. Context matters, and not every 3dmm film needs to have a good plot, unless its attempting to have one. Good plots are not required for a good 3dmm film, however they can certainly immerse you in the world.

The shots were a little flat, it felt like a lego set in the scenes. Good shots need to have good depth perception, and everything outside of the fences feel like a 2D image. Objects in the scenes were decently complex and seem to keep the same style. Some cinematic shots were shown, but a lot of it was a black screen and slow pacing. The film doesn't excite you in many ways, and really feels slow paced and boring.

Plot was predictable and the dialogue sounded like the first take of a guy attempting to be sad and angry and reading from a script, but there were some decent parts, however the simple writing is a little distracting for the emotional parts. Nothing really surprises you, or is fleshed out in any way. "My child was murdered, so I murdered my doctor's child" is what the sad part of the movie is. It's simplistic, doesn't show how the death affected any of the characters, has subpar acting and you never get attached to any of the characters. Some of the reason why the film fails at making the viewers cry. Writing was unrealistic, with the main character always saying things like a robot. He has very simple and unrealistic responses "That bastard took my child away from me, the only thing I ever wanted!". Character seems very simple and has the only character trait of wanting a child and being a husband who uses his wife as a tool, which even still isn't really explored.

Music choice made sense for the mood and the movie was decent overall, however I don't completely agree with Andres' review on the movie, either. His review seemed very aggressive and destructive rather than constructive. Reviews spend more time yelling at how bad the movie is, than actually explaining why the movie is bad. He seems to criticize parts of the movie that, don't really matter to a viewing experience, like how he said the woman decided to get an abortion out of the blue, when its not required to explain WHY for the film to work. An emotional film can exist with some vagueness and unanswered questions, however needs to excel more at writing, dialogue and acting in some parts. And of course, the animation could have some improvements.