Review: Root Pie by Vic RattleheadReviewer
Root Pie was a movie with decent animation and was long enough to tell a complex story. The animation has been a lot of default and dialogue, which I'm pretty against. It seems the film takes lengths to be absurdly long like having a 2000 frame long credits scene. The movie starts off with the Patrick actor in a mansion I think with what looks to be a pool. Then he goes to like a male strip club so I think he's gay but then he got beat up. There's fight scenes in the mansion which looks pretty basic. The dialogue was probably interesting but I didn't read any of it. Then the climax comes when they go to some fair and the car drives off a cliff and these two guys get arrested then escape. So it ends on a cliffhanger most likely. Although, I don't think anyone wants a Root Pie 2.